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Please allow me to tell you about Anabel. She was the daughter of Countess Roberta Buxhoveden, a daughter with special needs. At a time when children like Anabel would usually be kept at home, Anabel was brought everywhere and was an inspiration to everyone she met. The Countess didn't accept that her daughter could not do things other children could do. Anabel was an enthusiastic piano player. She also practiced ballet in the basement in front of a mirrored wall, with a balance bar and everything else needed to learn the craft. Anabel spoke five languages, quite well. The Countess was fortunate to be able to provide in these ways for her daughter.

I grew up with Anabel and with The Countess acting as my second mother. I was reminded daily how someone could overcome their struggles if they were determined enough to do so. I was also taught that not everyone was as fortunate as I was and that those people simply needed help. As The Countess aged, a decision needed to be made regarding what to do with her estate. That decision was left to me.

So The Anabel Leaman Buxhovedon Foundation was born and is now known simply as The Anabel Foundation. The Anabel Foundation has donated to over 100 different charities throughout the years. The foundation has worked with Riverview Medical Center, CentraState Medical Center, The Arc of Monmouth, Monmouth Conservation, The United Way, Ashley Lauren Foundation, local police departments, NJ State Troopers. and The Beauty Foundation.

-Jack Privetera

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